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Please note that this website is just one that specializes in radio equipment, but we have many other websites that also specialise in equipment for different sectors of business, with sales and support employees capable of working with customers at any level and able to meet all requirements in that respective sector of business.

Examples of our other websites include:

lrsuk.co.uk   www.lrspagers.co.uk   www.pager.co.uk   www.opticianspagers.co.uk    www.specsaverstraining.co.uk     www.yachtpagers.com     www.longrangesystems.net

www.phonesavers.co.uk    www.mscable.com    and many other specific websites.

Bearing in mind the diversity of our business in communications of most kinds for the United Kingdom it might well not come as any surprise that we also have developed custom equipment for customers that solve specific solutions and are not available from any other company in the world today. Please do contact us from our contact page if you need other information or think that we could help because we probably can!

LRS UK offices are probably the most profitable of the companies you could deal with in the UK in the paging and communications industry. That's good - and not just for us - but for our customers too. Firstly, as a manufacturer our product costs are lower than any distributor or dealer working from some PO box or maybe even in central London and secondly, its very likely today we sell more paging equipment in the UK than all the others we could mention put together. But our selling prices of equipment are consistently lower than other suppliers. Ask us and we can show you.

In fact we often call customers at around three months (imagine that from a supplier) just to say hello and confirm your system is performing to our standards. If it is not? We will fix it immediately. Now that's customer focus.

We are always happy to hear from anyone who is interested in our paging or pagers or other equipment or services, or if you are a current user so please do let us know how we can help. It's nice to hear from customers even if you have a problem we are here to help and we will get back to you in what is often a very short time.